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Ballinger Helps Academic Medical Centers Move Beyond State-of-the-Art to Anticipate the Road Ahead

In the Sept-Oct 2015 issue of Medical Construction and Design, Ballinger Principal Louis Meilink Jr., AIA, ACHA, ACHE, discusses the future of Academic Medical Centers (AMC).  AMCs account for 6 percent of care providers, but contribute 20 percent of all hospital care and 40 percent of the uncompensated charity care in the US.  With a disproportionately large market share, AMCs are the first to feel the impact of regulatory and market pressures.  To neutralize pressures without sacrificing mission or quality of care, AMCs must identify strategies to ensure regenerative institutional growth.  Forward-thinking planning and design can contribute directly to the agility of these institutions.

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Ballinger Healthcare Experts examine Evidence-Based Design in Pediatrics

Ballinger Principal Louis Meilink, Jr., AIA, ACHA and Director of Healthcare Planning Dwight Smith, AIA, EDAC discussed evidence-based design (EBD) at this year’s Healthcare Design Expo and Conference, sponsored by the Center for Health Design.

EBD research to date has predominantly focused on the adult environment, with few examples of its impact on pediatrics. Throughout the design of the Golisano Children’s Hospital at the University of Rochester Medical Center, Ballinger tested and tracked the application of EBD principles and best practice theories as they apply to pediatric spaces.

Lou Meilink and Dwight Smith, along with Golisano Children’s Hospital Chief Operating Officer Elizabeth Lattimore, presented the outcome of their design process, highlighting strategies that are translatable between adult and pediatric populations.