Angie Fante
Angela M. Fante, PE, SECB, LEED AP


As Principal and Chief Structural Engineer, Angela Fante combines engineering and construction knowledge with exceptional management skills. She has been an integral team member on several high profile collaborations, channeling her enthusiasm and expertise into inspiring building and system designs. In addition to her responsibilities within the firm, she is currently a member of the Delaware Valley Engineers Week PR committee. In 2011 she was named Young Engineer of the Year by the Engineers’ Club of Philadelphia. Angie earned a Bachelor of Architectural Engineering and Master of Architectural Engineering from Pennsylvania State University.


University of Pennsylvania
Penn Dental Medicine (PDM) Evans Building

Rutgers University - Ballinger

Rutgers University
New Jersey Institute for Food, Nutrition + Health

University of Pennsylvania - Ballinger

University of Pennsylvania
Pennovation Center

College of Charleston - Ballinger

College of Charleston
School of Sciences and Mathematics

University of Rochester Medical Center - Ballinger

University of Rochester Medical Center
Golisano Children's Hospital

Virginia Commonwealth University - Ballinger

Virginia Commonwealth University
McGlothlin Medical Education Center

Johns Hopkins University - Ballinger

Johns Hopkins University
Armstrong Medical Education Building

University of Pennsylvania
Perelman School of Medicine, Stemmler Hall