Ballinger’s Director of Historic Preservation and Adaptive Reuse, Fon S. Wang, AIA, LEED AP, was appointed to the Mayor’s Task Force on Historic Preservation. Philadelphia’s Historic Preservation Task Force was created in April 2017 to identify ways historic preservation can be a meaningful partner in the city’s growth. Philadelphia has the highest number of building parcels per square mile in the US but a lower than average number of historically designated buildings. Just 2.2% are locally designated as historic, compared to a 50-city average of 4.3%

As a member of the Task Force Subcommittee on Regulating Preservation Outcomes and a community representative for Chinatown, Fon will focus on review of regulations to facilitate growth while retaining what makes Philadelphia unique.

In addition to her roles as Director of Historic Preservation and Adaptive Reuse at Ballinger, Fon is a Board Member for the Preservation Alliance of Greater Philadelphia, and a lecturer at PennDesign’s Historic Preservation Studio.