The July 2017 edition of the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) Journal, features an article written by Ballinger Associate Principal, Brad Crowley, PE, LEED AP about the Undergraduate Teaching Laboratories at Johns Hopkins University (JHU). The article, entitled “University Lab Model for Energy Efficiency”, highlights Ballinger’s design for this interdisciplinary research building which recently won first place from the 35th annual ASHRAE Technology Awards in the category of New Educational Facility.

The article explains that Ballinger engineers faced an enormous challenge in designing a sustainable laboratory environment, and especially one that can quickly convert from a wet to dry lab, such as was required for this 105,000 SF teaching and research building addition. The resulting Undergraduate Teaching Labs met the University’s sustainability goals, achieved a 50% reduction in energy consumption over LEED baseline, and earned LEED Platinum certification. The engineering team designed the building to maximize laboratory safety, indoor environmental quality, and energy efficiency, all while complementing and enhancing the architectural design of the renovation. Energy-efficient measures such as enthalpy and sensible energy recovery wheels, chilled-beams, roof insulation, high performance fume hoods, and a neutral air displacement system harmonize with Ballinger’s design and facilitate active learning for students of biology, chemistry, neuroscience and biophysics at the University.

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